“If I ever sell my house, I'll be taking the logs with me.”

Steel Fire Studio works with retailers, designers and owners gas fire pits who want their patio fire pit and fireplaces to be freakin’ awesome.

Now, your fire pit unfortunately does not provide as much heat as you would like. Together, we can create a one of a kind, sculpturally beautiful log set that fits your fire line perfectly and provides a circle of radiating heat. You can go from feeling uninspired to use your fireplace to having a new mesmerizing retreat in the comfort of your own home/backyard.

Do you:

  • Want your fireplace/pit to feel like a social gathering area with a conversation piece in it?

  • Wish your gas fireplace/pit was warm and toasty like a wood-burning fireplace would be?

Our steel logs are an investment that will out-live your fire pit. They act as a sculpture when not lit, and turn your fire line into something that provides heat.

Imagine inviting your friends over and they are blown away by how your fire area has transformed. Your patio will be the new hot spot in no time.

That's exactly why we make these logs - to give you warmth and an interesting piece of art to be a conversation piece on your fire pit and having a place to put your feet up, drink an IPA, and have your friends and family over.

  • A log set will be created to fit your gas line exactly, with as many log pieces as you like

  • Quarter-inch steel gets hot and stays hot so you can save money on your gas bill

  • Each piece is one of a kind so you will own the only set like it in the world

Unlike other steel log businesses, Steel Fire Studio is easy to work with and has the highest quality on the market.

“I buy everything from shampoo to cars online and rarely if ever are my expectations so exceeded, both in terms of product quality and customer service.” 

We first saw steel logs at a ski resort in Colorado. About a year later we were designing our backyard swimming pool and landscaping and knew we wanted a gas fire pit with steel logs. Jon made our logs over two years ago and we LOVE them. Not only do they look great, but they are a good conversation starters that take us back to fun family trips in Colorado.
— Marc T., Oklahoma
Jon worked with me to get the dimensions of the fire pit, how the fire currently burned, and recommendations on how many logs were needed, as well as the style. He asked multiple questions to make sure that we got what we wanted in the end. And in the end, we now have the best fire pit! We’ve had the logs for a week at this point, and the weather has been very hot, but we had 2 nights of cooler weather, and we put the logs to use (and had to move the chairs back). The work on the logs is evident, and makes them a work of art just that way. We like that we can move the logs around to try for different looks. We are looking forward to using the fire pit further into the fall, and being nice and cozy. On top of the logs just being great, now our fire is even better - the flames disperse around the logs for a more interesting fire. It’s like having our own retreat in our backyard that we can share with friends and family.
— Kim M., Ohio