Why do I want steel logs from Steel Fire Studio?

Steel logs are a safe, green and clean way to quickly add a resort feel to your backyard or fireplace. Because they are metal, they will quickly get hot and provide radiant heat unlike fire pits with lava rocks or fireplaces with fake logs. Our logs add a pleasing aesthetic to fires at night and a sculptural beauty during the day.

What are steel logs?

Each steel log is a one-of-a-kind sculpture handcrafted by Jon Brooks, our studio artist, to resemble the look of a wood log. Placed on a gas fire pit or fireplace, they will give you the look of an authentic fire without the hassle of buying, lighting and cleaning up after wood. They are made from the highest grade quarter-inch steel to last you a lifetime.

Where can I use my steel logs?

The logs can be used on top of any gas or propane outdoor fire pit. They can also be used indoors in gas fireplaces.

Will they rust?

The logs will get a patina rust on them, giving them a more authentic look.  However, they are made of quarter inch steel pipe, which will last virtually forever!

How long will it take to receive my logs?

Expect a ten piece set to take three to four weeks to complete. A three piece set can take up to two weeks to complete.

How expensive are they to ship?

Shockingly reasonable. Once your choose a set we can get you a quote.

How hard is it to set up the logs?

Setting up the logs is very easy!  Using a pair of regular work gloves, set them above the burners on your pit or in your fireplace in any arrangement you like.

Is your steel recycled?

The steel is never recycled.  It is 100% brand new, schedule 40,  quarter inch steel. We want to make sure there are no toxic fumes when you turn on your gas line!

I can't visualize the logs in my setting. Can you bring a set for me to see before I purchase them?

 I am happy to bring a log set for you to see in your backyard if you are in reasonable proximity from me in the SW Colorado area.  I may just ask to take some pictures while I am there for my website!

My fire pit is too small for a set. What are my options?

 I make each piece by hand so no matter how big or small your fire pit or place is, I can make it to the size you desire!

Do you create custom logs/sets?

Each piece is hand-made, one of a kind.  Due to licensing, I cannot use other company's logos or trademarks. However, I can do something custom that doesn’t infringe on other licenses.