What You Need to Know About Ceramic Logs

You've done it!

You have invested in an outdoor living space that you've dreamt about for years, and now you have some final decisions to make about your fire pit. 

It is important for this space to be aesthetically beautiful, but shouldn't it be beautiful AND functional? You have gone this far with all the work you have put into this space, why not make it perfect?

6 (Great) Reasons to Buy From Steel Fire Studio

Why do you want to have a one of a kind artistically sculpted steel log set from Steel Fire Studio on your gas fire pit or in your gas fire place?


1. Because our logs are beautiful. 

As you can see by the examples on our site, each piece is a beautifully sculpted piece in our studio, all hand made. We only use the best and cleanest brand new steel for your fire pit. Each one has the finest beading and cuts that the industry provides, you have options that is true, but not like the ones we will give you.