What You Need to Know About Ceramic Logs

You've done it!

You have invested in an outdoor living space that you've dreamt about for years, and now you have some final decisions to make about your fire pit. 

It is important for this space to be aesthetically beautiful, but shouldn't it be beautiful AND functional? You have gone this far with all the work you have put into this space, why not make it perfect?

You have two choices, real steel or faux ceramic. In my experience I can vouch for a couple things if you go with the ceramics.

1. They will disintegrate. 

I have cleaned clients gas lines before.  In the weather and under the heat, the ceramic and faux logs do not hold up.  Its pretty case and point.

2. You will not get the radiant heat you desire from the faux logs.

They just don't have enough heating power to give you the warmth a fire should provide.

3. They look kind of lame. 

Your house and outdoor space has been made one of a kind.  Do you want to have something made in a factory in China, or would you like to have something hand made, in the wilderness of Colorado, each piece original?

If you chose the latter, the best way to get beauty and function out of your brand new perfect outdoor living space is to have a set of Steel Fire Studio artistic steel logs on your fire line.

You do not have to hook anything up, you don't need to do anything other than place the logs over your fire line or lines, light up your pit and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fire pit and your outdoor space!