6 (Great) Reasons to Buy From Steel Fire Studio

Why do you want to have a one of a kind artistically sculpted steel log set from Steel Fire Studio on your gas fire pit or in your gas fire place?

1. Because our logs are beautiful. 

As you can see by the examples on our site, each piece is a beautifully sculpted piece in our studio, all hand made. We only use the best and cleanest brand new steel for your fire pit. Each one has the finest beading and cuts that the industry provides, you have options that is true, but not like the ones we will give you.

2. Because our logs are one of a kind. 

Each piece is cut and welded by hand.  There is no computerized machinery that does this in our studio, its only one of a kind craftsmanship for each one.  With the care and design touch of I do each piece myself and I don't settle for a tiered system of how nice I will make it for you...... I do my very best each time.

3. Because our logs will last. 

I use only schedule 40 almost quarter inch steel for each piece. If you were to stand in front of me and pick it up (not off the fire!!), its beauty would make you feel nervous about dropping or hurting it.  I would be more nervous about you dropping it on your feet! Steel stands the test of time!

4. Because our logs are functional.

I can't stress it enough, the radiant heat you will get from a Steel Fire Log set, no matter how many you choose, will give you so much more heat than the generic ceramic ones!

5. Because you deserve it.  

You have gone to serious effort and planning for this space, go the extra mile to make it perfect, you work hard, so play hard and enjoy your space to its fullest!

6. Because we here at Steel Fire Studio like you!

We do,  We really like you, we want your business, we want to make it as close to perfect for you as possible, and we promise to do our best each and every time.